Keep Calm and Social On
 The world is plugged in, turned on, and using social media in staggering numbers—yet without a deep understanding of its purpose, benefits, and applications, many marketers have yet to successfully leverage one of the most effective communications tools to come along in decades.

Part primer, part workshop, this interactive session will give members a comprehensive overview of social media marketing, addressing hesitations and dispelling myths along the way. Participants also will receive recommendations specific to his or her business goals, including which social media platforms and practices will best help them expand their digital footprint. Key issues covered include:

  • Why social media for business?
  • The ‘The Secret of Social Media” Revealed!
  • Exercise: What are your Social Media Pain Points?
  • Real-life examples of social media best practices
  • The Truth About ROI: Why companies Fail at Social Media
  • 5 Things You Can Start Doing Now to Become a Social Company

Raleigh Gerber explains how social media is shifting marketing communications and changing the way companies – B2B, B2C, Global, large or small – engage with their target audience. In this educational, impactful, and entertaining presentation, Gerber will break down social media into digestible bites using storytelling, graphics and video to help participants make sense of this new marketing sensation and apply it to their business communications.

Value to Members
Members will leave with a greater understanding of how social media can support their business initiatives, build a community of loyal brand advocates, and expand an organization’s digital footprint. Gerber helps members explore their current social media efforts (or lack thereof) and provides tips to help them immediately get on track. It is guaranteed to boost the comfort level of participants, quickly get up to speed on the topic of social media, and overcome hesitation and uncertainties.

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Speaker Biography


Certified Social Media Strategist

Raleigh Gerber is a corporate communications consultant and award-winning Social Media Strategist. She helps companies drive online awareness, engagement and demand with innovate and proprietary social media tactics. Her many professional roles include social media evangelist, mentor, director, brand reputation manager, community voice, and team leader; as well as source of turnkey solutions for businesses without the internal resources to sustain a robust social media program.

Gerber is highly respected for crafting holistic programs that integrate social media with companywide communications initiatives. She has a deep knowledge of emerging social media trends and applications, which she uses effectively to bridge the gap between traditional and online marketing strategies and tactics. In 2013 Gerber received four awards of excellence, MarCom and PRSA Award of Excellence, for social media and blog programs at Toshiba America.