Social Media is now one of the main ways to get your messaging out there. What does it all mean to your business, though? What’s the right way to not just make social media worth it but maybe even make some money?

You have 10K likes on Facebook and sales are flat.

Social “likes” “hearts” “re-tweets” and “thumbs up” are all well and good, but if they are not converting into sales,

What is the point?

Lauren Salaun of LMS Social Media will be our beacon of light by providing strategy and tactics for converting your social media into a positive cash flow.

Now that is what we call an ROI.

About the Speaker:

About Lauren Salaun

Lauren Salaun is a social media and branding expert passionate about developing creative communications strategies that help vision-led individuals and businesses share their passions and accomplish their goals. With ten years of combined experience working in marketing, public relations, social media, and graphic design, Lauren has a unique blend of traditional communications, visual arts, and new media acumen, which enable her to provide her clients with a robust, holistic approach to sharing their story and accomplishing their mission. Lauren specializes in working with entrepreneurs and startups and has worked on projects ranging in scale from local grassroots campaigns that tap into regional media and community influencers, to campaigns at the national, multi-million dollar level. Prior to starting her company, LMS Social Media, in 2014, she has held positions at ReviveHealth, a nationally ranked health care public relations firm, Oniracom, a new media startup, and The Shand Group, a luxury brand advertising agency, to name a few. Originally from Sonoma County, Lauren currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband, where she owns her own virtual health and wellness business and coaches entrepreneurs, in addition to running LMS Social Media. She can be found online at @LaurenSalaun, and on her website at